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O’Driscoll Lynn

Architects Wexford

O’Driscoll Lynn Architects (ODLA) is based in Wexford and provides architectural services and innovative design solutions to the residential and commercial sectors. We have extensive experience in building design, from small houses and extensions, to large-scale commercial developments across pharma-medical, manufacturing, retail and leisure.

O’Driscoll Lynn Architects Wexford was founded by registered architects Brian O’Driscoll and Cormac Lynn. We take a collaborative approach to our work, combining our unique skills, experience and design sensibilities to your building project.

Granard Villa, House Remodel and Extension Wexford

Residential and Commercial

Architecture Ireland

At O’Driscoll Lynn Architects, we believe that good building design impacts the quality of our lives. A home or commercial building designed by O’Driscoll Lynn Architects improves the lives of all those who interact with it. We take your brief and bring your residential or commercial building project to reality within budget, while maximising the potential of the site.

Our design work on residential homes has been featured in Interiors Ireland. One of our largest commercial projects to date was the expansion of the Waters Technologies manufacturing base in Wexford.

Client Satisfaction and Design Excellence

Client Satisfaction and

Design Excellence

O’Driscoll Lynn Architects has built a reputation as a reliable architectural firm in Wexford and the South-East, delivering projects on time and on budget. We pursue quality, design excellence and client satisfaction in our work. At ODLA, we take a collaborative approach to design, combining our skills and experience to create successful buildings that contribute in a positive way to the built environment. Our strength is in good communication with clients, which we believe leads to good design outcomes.